Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Human Visual System: Gene identified that causes short sightedness

The BBC (center-left news, United Kingdom) reports on research at King's College London that has tentatively identified a gene that causes myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness.  For those who confuse short and long sightedness, just remember that they are what their names say - you see objects better at short distances when short-sighted and you see objects better at long distances when long-sighted.  The article is well written and has graphics to explain the condition.

Human Speech System: Woman's migraine causes French accent

A woman in the United Kingdom is suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome - a rare condition caused by damage to the brain that results in changes to a person's accent. In this case, the woman went from a British accent to a French one.  The Guardian (UK, left-wing newspaper) has the story.  Fascinating.

Image Forensics: Bad "Photoshopped" Mad Men cover on Rolling Stones

The title of this post says it all - the writers at Jezebel (a celebrity news for women) wrote about it first. See for yourself.