Saturday, August 26, 2006

Air traffic control intercepts of Northwest Airlines turnback flight with F-16 escort

Audio recordings (wma format) of conversations between air traffic control and the F-16 escort for Northwest Airlines flight 42 to Mumbai that had to turn back to Schiphol (Netherlands) due to concerns about some passengers. Recordings courtesy of the Frequency Monitoring Centre, the Netherlands. Recording is very intelligible with only a little hiss and occassional louder noise.

(Hat tip: Flight Global) (note: I stumbled across the Flight Global page from a news article but now can't find the original site that got me on the trail).

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a.a said...

Wow, that is really impressive.

I would have imagined that the communications would be encrypted in some way, and not 'in the clear'. I guess encryption or other measures might make things unnecessarily complicated in an emergency situation. Still.. :)

The recordings are quite intelligible, accents are hiss notwithstanding.

Fascinating! Thanks a lot!