Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Video: Using night vision gear to nab movie pirates

The Reuters Oddly Enough section has an article on how Malaysian cinema staff are catching people video taping new movies in the cinema (presumably to sell pirated copies of). How are they doing it? With night vision googles...


Watching Them, Watching Us said...

This sort of snooping has been around for some time e.g.

Harry Potter and the wizard idea to foil cinema pirates

Martin Wainwright
Monday May 31, 2004
The Guardian

Cinema ushers across Britain go into action today with a new piece of equipment which makes their ice-cream trays and hand torches look tame.

Military-style night-sights have been sent to every outlet in the country showing the new Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban.


It is unclear what the cinema staff do with the night vision scopes once the initial copyright infringement (not the same as "piracy") window is over.

It is likely that some of them abuse the equipment for voyeuristic purposes, e.g. to snoop on couples in the back row of the cinema etc.

Keith said...

Dear Watching Them,
I missed that the first (last?) time around. Thanks!