Friday, December 07, 2007

Equipment: In defense of audiophiles

Slate Magazine has an article by Fred Kaplin on why high-end audio equipment is indeed worth the money if one is interested in experiencing the nuances of well performed and recorded music. 

N.B. I normally would not link to something that was not G-rated, but in this case there is one occurrence of sexually-oriented language that I found in bad taste.  After some consideration, I decided to post this after all with this warning to those of sensitive natures.

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Keith said...

I forgot to mention in my original post that the reason this caught my eye is not so much that I was looking to justify a stereo purchase to my wife as it was tied to the issue of critical listening. In other words, an audio forensic examiner needs to be able to hear the nuances of the recorded sound. When dealing with speech, being able to pick out muddled, muffled utterances and understand them is key. A major reason why many recordings are thought to require post-filtering is that the audio equipment used to listen to them is poor.