Monday, March 17, 2008

Image Recognition: "Computer, where did I lay the keys?"

The Daily Mail (UK tabloid newspaper) has a gadget article about Smart Goggles, a human wearable image recognition and recall system built into a set of glasses. The user trains the system by focusing its built-in camera on a series of objects, such as car keys, CDs, etc. while speaking the appropriate name of the object. Once trained sufficiently, the system automatically recognizes images it sees and stores the information for later retrieval, again by spoken word. The processor (computer) is worn on the user's back. The system was developed by Professor Kuniyoshi and colleagues at the University of Tokyo.

It isn't much of a stretch to see how these same concepts could be built into other video applications, such as CCTV systems, for instance. Don't be surprised if they don't work this into a future episode of CSI or similar television show (or the next James Bond movie, for that matter).

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