Sunday, December 14, 2008

CSI: TV show highlights new fingerprint technology

WLFI Television (Indiana, USA) did a piece about the television show CSI spotlighting a new fingerprint technology developed by Purdue University. The piece says that it was supposed to air last month. Neither the researchers who developed the technology (led by Professor Graham Cooks) nor the company that now owns it (Prosolia Incorporated) saw the script in advance, so there is no telling whether it was accurately represented.

If any of you readers did see the episode and would like to fill us in, please do!


Allison said...

I didn't see it because it is in CSI: Miami, but here is an article I found that tells what it does. It sounds really cool and hopefully it will help the forensic community.

Keith said...

Hi Allison,
Thanks very much for the link!
Best regards,