Friday, January 30, 2009

Computer Audio: Latest Audacity beta (1.3.7) is released

Audacity 1.3.7(beta) is available for download. This release primarily seems to consist of bug fixes, but they do say that they added support for DirectSound, which is a widely-used Windows(R) DirectX API (Application Programmer Interface). Here is the text from their announcement:

Audacity ( is a fast multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix.

The Audacity Team is pleased to announce the release of Audacity 1.3.7 (beta) for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix. This is primarily a bug-fix release to significantly improve stability and usability, especially on Mac OS X, but includes some new features too.

Cross-Platform Bug Fixes include:

* Muting/soloing caused incorrect channel results in exported stereo files
* Fixes for Nyquist effects, Compressor and Noise Removal
* Fixed Export as WAV could be corrupted if overwriting to same file, and Export Multiple to uncompressed formats only produced 16-bit WAV
* MP3 and WMA now export correctly with all supported metadata

Platform-specific Bug Fixes include:
* Windows Vista: crash opening Preferences
* Mac OS X and Linux: fixes for spurious clipping, label typing, no shortcuts after running effects, and project rate when importing files
* Mac OS X only: fixes for inactive or corrupted menus and hidden dialogues, portable settings, and Command and Control shortcuts. Also FFmpeg installer now available.

New features/other improvements:
* F11 Full Screen mode, high-quality "Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift" effect, Audio Contrast Analyzer
* Windows: sound devices can now be opened using the more efficient DirectSound API
* Improved latency correction using fixed correction value

See for details.

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