Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Audio Forensics: Off to a conference

The Audio Engineering Society is holding its 33rd International conference later this week (June 5-7). The topic is Audio Forensics - Theory and Practice. I'll be there, so if you are able to go, please look me up.


a.a said...

Bon voyage! Looks like there will be some interesting sessions :)

aa said...

How did it go? Will you be posting a review on the blog?

Wish I could have gone :)

Keith said...

Dear a.a.,
yes, it went well - quite enjoyable as a matter of fact. There was a good turn out of other serious practitioners and some interesting papers. I'll try to compose a review sometime in the near future, right after I get this new course I'm teaching the next couple of weeks kicked off properly.

It was successful enough that I am confident that there will be more, so no worries!

Keith said...

I didn't want too much time to pass before commenting on the conference, so in the brief time I have right now, I'll summarize by saying that I was (pleasantly) surprised to find out that not only have there been advances in pulling out powerline signatures from audio recordings, but that they have also been recovered from a wider variety of recorders than I expected. Bear in mind that the researchers also noted that thus far only a minority (my term, not theirs) of recorders have proven to be sensitive (susceptible?) to the effects of powerlines, at least in the situations they were tested at the time.

So, even though these are still the early days of the development of this technique of authenticating (or verifying, as some people call it) audio recordings using powerline signatures, there does seem to be some promise that it can be a viable method on enough recorders to be worthwhile.


P.S. Of course, these were not the only interesting papers and I do not mean to slight any of the others by not mentioning them here and now! Hopefully I will be able to break free enough time in the near future to blog more about some of the others.