Monday, June 23, 2008

Physics: Physics for Future Presidents

I freely admit that I am a geek. However, strange though it seems to me, I am not a gadget freak. That being said, even I was won over to podcasting. A friend got me excited about listening to university courses on-line via podcasts (thanks, Amy!). An iPod Nano and iTunes were my ticket to liberation from over-the-air radio during my travels.

With that small confession and short history out of the way, I got the urge today to share one of my favorite podcast courses with you - Physics for Future Presidents, by Richard Muller. His explanation of the issues and science around global warming alone is worth the cost of an MP3 player. You don't have to use iTunes to download it, but it is convenient if you do. Enjoy!

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Allison said...

Awesome, I had been searching for that since you mentioned it! I absolutely love it now!! Thanks!