Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stabilization of Bigfoot "encounter" video

Fun link for the day: An animated GIF of a classic Bigfoot video that has been stabilized.

Over the years, I've had a hand in developing automatic video stabilization filters. Simply put, what these filters do is automatically recognize the motion of the subject in the video, then correct (i.e. re-register) each field by moving the field image up/down/sideways to make the subject line up in the same position as in the previous field, then go to the next field and repeat.

What has been done in this Bigfoot GIF is to combine stabilization with video mosaicking (i.e. making a bigger picture out of a collection of video frames). This is a powerful technique to use on aerial video of the ground or, for that matter, Bigfoot sightings... So, do you think it is just a guy in a suit or not?

(Hat tip: Digg)

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