Monday, October 29, 2007

Human Auditory System: Blind detectives

The International Herald Tribune (US center-left newspaper published in Europe) has a very interesting article on a group of blind detectives working for the Belgian Federal Police.  This group puts their more sensitive and highly trained hearing to good use by picking up on clues that normally-seeing detectives would often miss, such as accents, background noises, and softer or obscured sounds.  If there hasn't been one already, we should expect an episode of CSI to feature blind detectives just as soon as they can get one shot!

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Nic B said...

It is a great idea, my dept. has enlisted the help of a blind person in an investigation we are conducting. I thought my hearing was good until I met this guy, the amount of extra information he can hear is incredible! I'm sure there are a lot of blind who struggle finding work, could this be a possible career option?

(Haha, I just read what I have written and realized it sounds exactly like one of those product reviews!! "...this is the best TV I have owned...")

But in all seriousness it is an option that should be considered more by investigation teams.

Do you think they would go to the trouble in CSI when they can just push the "find all evidence" button!!